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Ghana is well known for its friendly people. You will receive a warm greeting of “Akwaaba“ (welcome) from locals when you arrive and throughout your visit. A vacation in Ghana has much to offer, from relaxing on the beach, to visiting a traditional fishing village, to shopping for handmade crafts or attending an elaborate festival. You may also choose to have your hair braided in a beautiful style, or have intricately embroidered clothing custom made.

Surrounded by scenic beauty and attractive tourist attractions we make it convenient for you to visit all the beautiful places with our inhouse guide. We can also help you arrange transport facilities for an easier commute to nearby places.

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We will help you experience Ghana and its city life in its true sense. From living among the residents to eating authentic delicacies you are sure to walk home with memories and wonderful moments.

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We give you the best experience in Ghana by taking you to all the tourist sites, both in Accra and outside the city for a non forgettable visit to the gate way of Africa (Ghana). 

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We guide and assist in selecting the best hotels for a peaceful relaxation during your stay in Ghana.

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We operate a fleet of over 75 vehicles which include sedans, 4x4s, mini buses, luxury vehicles and coaches. Our transportation services cover all of Ghana


Traditional Ghanaian food is typified by the distribution of food crops. With the prominence of tropical produce like corn, beans, millet, plantains and cassava, most ethnic groups creatively employ these foodstuffs to make mouth-watering dishes for their nourishment.


There are many styles of traditional and modern music of Ghana, due to Ghana’s worldwide geographic position on the African continent. The best known modern genre originating in Ghana is Highlife. So many years, Highlife was the preferred music genre until the introduction of Hiplife and many others.


Ghanaian fashion is known for its use of vibrant colors and eclectic prints, and nowhere is this joyful approach to dressing more apparent than in Accra, the country’s capital city. 

Tour sights & Destinations

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we give you the experience of life time.

Cape Coast Castle

The Cape Coast Castle is now an excellent museum with information about the history of Ghana, the slave-trade and local culture. Tours are a “must” and will take you through the dungeons and the “door of no return”.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is a dense tropical rain forest in southern Ghana. The forest is home to over 40 species of larger mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, Mona-meerkats and civets. The bird life is fantastic as well with over 250 species living in the forest.

Ancient Mosques of Ghana

The history of Ghana’s most famous mud mosque is shrouded in mystery and myth. Not only is the Larabanga mosque a popular architectural monument in West Africa but a revered spiritual site.

Ghana in a Glance

Take a look at some pretty pictures captured for a glance of the captivating sights and the beauty of Ghana .

The BlackStar Square
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Cape Coast Fishing Port
Nzulezu Community on Water
Uzulezu Community on Water
Music & Dance
The Cape Coast Castle

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