About Us

For over a decade, Ghana’s Pride travel and tours have been promoting Ghanaian people, places, services, products and culture through diverse ways such as events, trade shows, tourism, documentary series and tv shows.

The mission of Ghana’s Pride is to project the value proposition position of the Ghanaian culture, products, services, people and places, that to boost their patronage in the country and the world at large.

Our vision is to showcase business innovations and success stories.


Diverse Destinations

Ghana is well known for her diverse tourist sites, from the capital to other part of the country they are beautify nature define sites.

Value for Money

Your visit to Ghana will not only put that smile on your face but you will also get the value for the money you spend when in the country.

Beautiful Places

Nature is beautify, and to feel and touch the beauty of nature, Ghana has it all. from wildlife, waterfall, beaches to historic sites.

Fast Booking

Wherever you want to visit in Ghana, we got you covered for a fast booking to the destinations.

Support Team

We pride ourselves in giving the best support to our clients.

Passionate Travel

We love to travel and explore together with our tourist during their visit to Ghana.


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